To us, overlanding is the freedom to take the road less traveled and hit the wilderness, safe in the knowledge that our adventure rig is equipped with all the gear and supplies we need to safely pitch camp wherever we end up and enjoy the back country roads as we wind our way around this gorgeous part of the world. It’s a family adventure that our daughter and dogs can all partake in, and when you find a side road – instead of wondering ‘I wonder where that goes’ you drive it to find out, and sometimes it leads to some spectacular places or sometimes you get lost and that’s the fun.

But our opinion is all but one. This month for our theme we decided to throw it back to others in the industry and previous clients to see why they love this style of travel as much as we do.

Industry partner: Offtrack Travel

For us, travelling overland offers the unbeatable flexibility to go anywhere we like, anytime. We love making our own schedule and being able to truly embrace spontaneity. Most importantly, it enables us to get off the beaten path and find incredible one of a kind experiences as well as elusive hidden gems. Meeting more local people is also inevitable when travelling this way and that always adds to the experience. I can’t even count the amount of times we’ve been tipped off about amazing hikes or spectacular viewpoints by curious locals! We’ve also made long time friends.

Robert & Gemma – Offtrack Travel

Photo Credit: Gemma – Offtrack Travel

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Industry Partner: Treeline Outdoors

Connecting people with nature is our primary goal here at Treeline. We believe in providing a sustainable camping solution for families and adventurers alike. In today’s world it is now more important than ever to unplug and connect with the wilderness around us. Overlanding is a fantastic means to satisfy our hunger for adventure. We built the roads, let’s use them

Jeff Strand – Treeline Outdoors

Photo Credit:  Villiers Van Der Merwe aka @geoscoutadventures

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Client: Henry Choy

Overlanding has brought me to places my own two feet would never have been able to by just hiking. I could not believe that I only recently discovered this activity, and it has honestly been the best of both worlds – going off roading and spending time with your friends and family in the outdoors. Nothing beats when you’re on the trail and looking forward to having that campfire with your favourite ones after setting up camp at the most perfect spot you’ve been looking for, and just taking the time to absorb and appreciate all that’s around you.

With hiking being so popular, overlanding has really allowed me to access places that are generally much less crowded, where you can actually enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors. It definitely is a lifestyle, and it’s for sure an addiction once you get into it.

Henry Choy – FarOut Wilderness Client 2019

Photo Credit: Henry Choy

Client: Morgan Weafer

I have chosen to overland because I want to live more. By doing away with a traditional lifestyle and adopting a more minimalistic one, I am able to achieve greater happiness. With less, I have more. I now have opportunities to explore my world, complete my goals and reach my full potential. The world is beautiful and so are it’s people. Overlanding introduces me to cultures and ideas I would have never encountered otherwise. I find that to be valuable. If you want to make the most out of life, you have to start living it.

To New Adventures!

Morgan Weafer – FarOut Wilderness Client 2019

Photo Credit: Morgan Weafer