Overlanding in Strathcona, BC


After much testing – by us – we decided upon the Tacoma SR5 as our flagship vehicle.

These vehicles offer a longer wheelbase and a 6 foot bed from which to build our fully customized camping setup. We are incredibly happy with their performance; they offer plenty of space for a family of four and they offer the reliability and strength that we believe is necessary for back-country adventures on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia and beyond.


Over the years we have had the opportunity to test gear from the UK, South Africa, America and Canada. We have researched and refined the list of vehicle equipment that we provide based on experience. The equipment is identical in all vehicles and we make sure that you have the essentials and some nice luxuries so that you can really enjoy camping and eating outdoors, whether it be rain or shine!

Vehicle Gear
SPOT GPS Messenger Deep Cycle Battery Engel Fridge
Drawer System Water Tank Spade and Axe
Tire Pressure Gauge Tire Pump Tow Rope
Warning Triangle Jack Back-Roads Mapbook
First Aid Kit Fire Extinguisher
Winter Gear
Snow Chains Traction Boards
Emergency Kit Extra Blankets

NOTE: Winter gear is in addition to the vehicle gear and is provided from Oct 1st – Mar 31st. There is no additional charge for the winter gear, it is included in the rental charge for your safety.

Camping Gear
2-3 Person Roof-Top Tent Rear Awning Washing Up Set Sleeping Bags
Pillows & Pillowcases Extra Blankets Gas Stove & Gas Bottle Coffee Maker & Mugs
Crockery Cooking Utensils Tablecloth & Tea Towels Cutlery Set
Kettle Chopping Board Tea & Coffee Set
Chairs Cooking Pot Set Table
10×10 Easy-Up Gazebo $7.50 per day Camp Shower $2.50 per day
Travel Cot $5.00 per day Shower Tent $2.50 per day
Portable BBQ $2.50 per day Bike Rack $10.00 per day


We believe no two adventures should be the same and that those with a busy life deserve the very best. We take the time to get to know you so we can design your perfect adventure.

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