BC’s full of romantic getaways. In our team’s opinion, a vacation in BC with your partner is one of the most romantic trips out there. But that’s not going to stop us from going one step further and listing our favourite romantic getaways in BC!

If you’re looking to turn up the heat and the romance on your next trip, we’ve compiled our five top romantic activities to do on your overlanding adventure.

1) Hike-in Hot Springs

If your trip takes you into the Canadian Rockies, you’ll be treated to some of the best natural hot springs out there.

When you start checking out hot springs options for your trip, you’ll come across popular spots like Radium and Fairmont. These are essentially big public pools, but they’re all filled with warm, naturally-heated spring water. While they will make for a good spot for couples, they’re also popular among families. The best spots for a romantic (and potentially more private) adventure are the hike-in springs.

Our favourite natural hot spring is Lussier Hot Springs. Getting there involves a drive up a bumpy logging road (perfect for your FarOut vehicle), and a 0.5 km hike to the pools. There’s numerous pools in the area, some of which are known to get much warmer than 40C. There’s also a nearby alpine creek if you want to cool off before getting in the springs!

2) Sea to Sky Gondola

The Sea To Sky Gondola in Squamish is an amazing alpine adventure for couples. It’s a great stop on a longer trip, and also makes for a fun quick weekend romantic getaway from Vancouver.

You’ll start with 10 minute, 855m gondola ride up through through the mountains. On a clear day, you’ll have absolutely stunning views of Howe Sound, the nearby body of water, and the surrounding mountains.

At the top of the ride, you’ll end up at an amazing viewpoint with a variety of restaurant and drink options. You can sit out on the patio, enjoy the sun, soak up the views, and sample some of Squamish’s finest local beers and Okanagan wine.

Beyond the restaurants, there’s a network of skywalks that you can explore. It’s a perfect place to take a couples photo with some breathtaking mountains behind you!

3) Book a beachfront sauna in Tofino

Tofino beaches are one of the most spectacular places you can visit in BC. Enjoying the views next to a beachfront sauna takes the romance up a level. This is a pricier endeavour, but one that’s literally sizzling with romance.

We recommend booking with Tuff City Saunas at their Cox Bay location. Tuff City offers Finnish-style cedar barrel saunas, located just a few steps away from the beach. The setup is rounded out by cold showers, and a set of adirondack lounging chairs with ocean views.

This is an ideal spot for natural hot-cold therapy. We recommend taking a dip in the 10C ocean, and rushing back to the sauna afterwards to warm up.

4) Wine Tours in the Okanagan

The aesthetic Okanagan boasts many of Canada’s best and fastest-growing wineries. Taking an afternoon to tour around the wineries makes for an amazing couples activity.

There are five famous “wine trials” in the area. We recommend booking a tour for the day. They’ll drive you around the winery, allowing you and your person to focus on relaxing and enjoying the sun. Our favourite tours include a charcuterie board!

5) An Overland Cookout

Renting a FarOut Overland Vehicle and its fully kitted backcountry kitchen sets you up for a romantic night of backcountry camping. Getting outside and sharing a nice meal with your significant other might seem simple, but it’s happens to be one of those great romantic getaways in BC. Pick out one of your favourite meals, and cook and enjoy it while surrounded by some spectacular views of BC’s wild and beautiful places!

Our personal favourite backcountry favourite is “Marry Me Chicken”. It’s an easy meal, but it doesn’t compromise on flavour. All it takes is sun dried tomatoes, parmesan, and a little cream with your chicken to have an unforgettable camping meal. Enjoy it with an adult beverage of your choosing and curl up in your roof-top tent afterwards. It’ll be a romantic night to remember.


This infamous clothing-optional beach won’t appeal to many. But it deserves a spot on our list, albeit with a BIG asterisk.

Due to its secluded nature and size, Wreck Beach became a favourite of Vancouver hippies in the 60s and 70s – many of whom are still regularly hanging out on the beach today.

Wreck Beach is relatively difficult to access, and it isn’t visible from the nearby streets. These reasons are a big part of why it’s consistently listed as one of the world’s top nude beaches. It’s west of Vancouver’s city limits, at the end of the peninsula, just past the University of British Columbia. It’s hidden behind a large forest, and nestled at the bottom of a cliff, with an about 500 stair descent down to the nearly 8 kilometer long beach.

While you’ll always find nudists (especially 70s hippies) at Wreck Beach, a number of people will still visit the beach clothed. Regardless of whether you go in a swimsuit or a birthday suit, click through the website for some tips on Wreck Beach etiquette. Don’t gawk or stare at other people, keep the cameras away, and no funny business on the beach!


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