How to Navigate in the Backcountry

How to Navigate in the Backcountry.  I have never gotten lost, I have however taken extended and prolonged detours from the previously agreed route whilst not necessarily being certain of my current location.  In reality getting slightly lost is one of my favourite ways to explore the backcountry, it has led me to some amazing

Lockdown Lawn Games – DIY Kubb Set

Looking for some evening fun with a beer whilst at home? One of our favourite games either camping or at home on the lawn is Kubb. Here we have the rules and a simple set of instructions to make your own set at home. DIY Set: (Thanks to instructables) To make one set you’ll need:

What to pack on your Overland Adventure!

What to pack on your Overland Adventure! As we write this, we are stuck in our office with our fleet parked and hoping the world is safe as we continue on through the Covid-19 Pandemic. The best way to clear our head during stressful times has always been to hit the open road, switch off

Why Overlanding?

Overlanding is defined as ‘Self-reliant adventure travel, where the journey is the primary goal’ To us, overlanding is the freedom to take the road less travelled and hit the wilderness, safe in the knowledge that our adventure rig is equipped with all the gear and supplies we need to safely pitch camp wherever we end

British Columbia and Beyond – The 2020 Bucket List

British Columbia and Beyond – The 2020 Bucket List Need some ideas for a British Columbia Road trip – here are our top 11 places to visit in British Columbia and Beyond in 2020 From exploring Vancouver Island – voted in CNN Travels top 20 places to visit this year to the iconic and majestic

Vancouver Island Bucket list for 2020

Vancouver Island Bucket List for 2020 As we welcome in 2020 we hope your new year resolutions are filled with lots of adventures and getting out in nature.  If you are looking for some ideas on where to travel on Vancouver Island – why not check out our 2020 Bucket list for Vancouver Island. Filled

Camping with Pets in British Columbia

Camping with pets in British Columbia. One of the best things about our overland rental vehicles? They are pet friendly. We just charge a small sur-charge to help with the additional cleaning.  Exploring the back-country of British Columbia with your pets is one of the best vacations ever, but it’s important to be safe and

Why Carmanah Walbran Provincial park should be on your 2020 Vancouver Island bucket list.

As our inbox starts filling up with 2020 bookings and itinerary ideas, take a moment to consider visiting Carmanah Walbran Provincial park, especially if you are choosing to book a FarOut Wilderness Overland vehicle rental for your Vancouver Island tour.  What is Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park? Hard fought for in the 1990’s by a group

Vancouver Location Opening April 2020

Exciting news for the FarOut Wilderness Team.  From April 2020 we are adding Vancouver to our list of collection and drop off locations.  You will be able to collect a vehicle at no added charge from Vancouver Airport and downtown Vancouver.  You can now explore the whole of British Columbia and beyond with a FarOut

Fall camping recipe – Vancouver Island – Beef Stew

As we say good bye to the warmer weather and welcome the fall, its time to crack out one of my favourite recipes for this time of year – a classic Irish beef stew, or vegetable stew depending on your preference. Personally I prefer making this onsite over the course of the day, we tend