Vancouver Location Opening April 2020

Exciting news for the FarOut Wilderness Team.  From April 2020 we are adding Vancouver to our list of collection and drop off locations.  You will be able to collect a vehicle at no added charge from Vancouver Airport and downtown Vancouver.  You can now explore the whole of British Columbia and beyond with a FarOut

Fall camping recipe – Vancouver Island – Beef Stew

As we say good bye to the warmer weather and welcome the fall, its time to crack out one of my favourite recipes for this time of year – a classic Irish beef stew, or vegetable stew depending on your preference. Personally I prefer making this onsite over the course of the day, we tend

Winter Sun!

Exciting news in the FarOut Wilderness family – For those sunchasers, you can now pick up a FarOut Wilderness Overland Vehicle in Phoenix, Arizona and explore the warmer climate of the Southern states of the US during our winter season special.  Our first guests have booked onto our 2019 Arizona location offering Overland vehicle rentals

Mountain Biking – Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island has a host of great mountain biking opportunities for the novice and thrill seeker alike. We have been scoping out a few great areas for you to hit.   Day Trips: Based in an around Victoria – these are easy day trips to get your fill on 2 wheels. Fancy making a weekend

Top Tips for Camping with Babies and Toddlers

We have been avid campers our whole lives and together we have spent many a night around the camp fire with a cold beverage talking about how we couldn’t let children change our passion for the outdoors or hinder our ability to adventure. Then we had Phoebe… and we truly realised why a lot of

Exploring Central Vancouver Island – Part 2

Continued from Part 1….. Gold River and Upana Caves. After Strathcona, we hit the road to gold river, the Hwy 28 cuts through the middle of Strathcona park and you are not short of some incredible views driving through it really is one of my favorite places in Vancouver Island. Shortly we hit Gold River

Exploring Central Vancouver Island – Part 1

Our latest trip takes us through Campbell river, Sayward Forest, Strathcona Park, Gold river, Tahsis, Woss Lake and Schoen Lake. The weather was gorgeous, the views spectacular and we went scouting for bears. Our first stop was Campbell River, a large town 265kms north of Victoria. Victoria → Campbell River Take the Highway 1 north

Want to get up close and personal?

Take a closer look at our fully equipped overland vehicle that’s available for rent. Let our Toyota take you on the journey of a lifetime!   Far Out Wilderness Looking for a self-guided adventure? Explore the rugged roads of Vancouver Island in our our fully kitted Toyota 4×4!

Leave only footprints – Take only memories

As the camping season gears up, I think its important to remind everyone to follow the ‘Leave No Trace’ camping rules. I was out near Woss Lake Provincial Park the other month on one of the trails quite far from anywhere and came across an old campfire, whereby someone had thrown their beer cans into

Top 5 campsites – Lake edition

With so many campsites to choose from on Vancouver Island its hard to narrow it down, so we have diligently visited as many as possible, these are our Top 5 lakeside campgrounds on Vancouver Island. Brewster Lake – We like this site because of its gorgeous beach, like most of the best hidden rec sites,