Fall is a magical time in BC. The sun stays out for most of October, the alpine hiking trails don’t have snow yet, and the autumn air is crisp and refreshing. It’s one of the best times of year to explore this part of the world!

In addition to that, there’s a few activities you can do in September and October that you can’t do at any other time of year. Here are our can’t miss, BC fall activities.

Golden Larches

From mid September to mid-October, you can see these stunningly beautiful yellow trees throughout BC. This is BC’s signature fall activity.

The Golden Larches change from their standard green colour, to a warm yellow around this time of year. The leaves fall off shortly after, leaving a small fall window to see these trees. The larch trees are some of the only deciduous pine-like trails in the entire world.

Our favourite place to see them is in Manning Park. There’s a popular hike up Mount Frosty in the park, giving you stunning views of the North Cascades and the surrounding yellow trees. Scientists believe the trees in Manning Park are up to 2,000 years old.

If your adventure takes you elsewhere, the Golden Larches are also found in the Rockies. It’s best to go in late September, as the leaves tend to fall off a bit earlier in the Rockies. Check out this map detailing all the all the Golden Larches locations in BC:

Surf Tofino in its’ best conditions

Tofino is Canada’s surfing capital, and is widely recognized as one of the best surf spots in the world.

This is Canada, so the water is cold most of the year. Like less than 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit). Even with the thick 5 mm wetsuits, it can be a bit chilly in early summer months like June and July.

That won’t be a problem in September and October. The water has had a whole summer of sun to warm up. Along with that, the summer crowds and families have gone back to school, making the beaches much quieter.

You also typically find the best surfing conditions in the fall. Waves are consistent, and are the perfect size for surfers of all abilities. Every beach has good waves. You can’t beat it.


BC’s home to world-renowned Salmon and Trout runs, and fall is the best time to catch them

BC Salmon spawn in the fall, so you’ll see the rivers fill up with BC’s signature fish. Some of the best spots include rivers such as the Cowichan, Stamp, and Campbell.

Trout fishing is also a BC signature. In the fall, the temperature drop leads to an increase in aquatic insect activity. The fish go to feed on the insects, and BC’s die-hard fisherman are close behind to catch (or feed on) them.

Remember, FarOut’s vehicles are stocked with a whole camping kitchen. You’ll be able to set up shop right by your favourite fishing spot, and cook your fresh catch minutes after it comes out of the water.


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