Arriving into camp with a celebratory beer after a long drive in Botswana.



FarOut Wilderness is the brainchild of Sam Morris and Abbie Morris, they met in Malawi and have spent the last decade exploring the African continent and building a life together.

We Recently moved to Canada and welcomed our daughter Phoebe Nyasa Morris into the world. We bring years of experience running tourism operations and the service sector and our desire to provide the best customer service possible. 

Sam Morris: Drawing on years of experience working in the tourism sector from a dive shop to running operations for Malawis biggest tour operator he has seen and done all the behind the scenes work you can come up with to keep operations running seamlessly. The engine behind the FarOut brand, he loves the outdoors and spends as much time as possible in the forests with his girls and dogs. 

Abbie Morris: The steadying hand and questioning mind – whilst always up for an adventure and a trip, sometimes has to act as the reigns to steer things in the right direction. Abbie loves to spend as much time with the wind in her face, whether its a hike, bike or a long horse ride!

Phoebe Nyasa Morris: Born in 2018 she is a new addition to the FarOut Family and already had her fill of adventures. The joy of the Tacoma is it means Phoebe can join in the camping adventures and still maintain a level of comfort from travel cots to high chairs, she has her own mini hotel on wheels. 

Roxy and Maverick: Our African companions have been loyal adventure buddies for close to a decade and when the time came to relocate from Malawi to Canada, there was no question – these 2 were coming with. Roxy is our staunchly loyal street dog who came to stay in Nkhata Bay and has been by our side ever since surviving everything from cancer to a bushpig attack, Maverick is our overly clever border collie and Phoebe’s best friend in the whole world and Sam’s ever loyal shadow, both love traveling but definitely prefer wheels to wings any day!

What does FarOut Wilderness mean to us?

FarOut Wilderness provides us with the opportunity to share with the world this gorgeous corner of paradise that is the reason we sold up and moved halfway round the world. We love the Overlanding style of travel and get frustrated with all the hidden costs when trying to put together a fun excursion, so we created our own product. We use our vehicles all the time in the down season and constantly re-evaluate what works and what doesn’t to ensure our guests have the best most flawless experience possible. 

Why us?

We genuinely love the outdoors and Overlanding, with years of experience operating in challenging environments, we understand what it takes to make a flawless experience possible. FarOut Wilderness combines the love for adventure, with ensuring clients safety and expectations are met, there are no cutting corners for  a cheaper product

History of FarOut 

FarOut to us has a deeper meaning, it explains the length we will go to ensure our customers are always happy. It doesn’t matter how ‘FarOut’ the idea is, we will find a way to achieve it, it doesnt matter how ‘FarOut’ the job is – we will get it done. FarOut was first conceived in 2014 through our first business – a property management and construction company based in Lilongwe, Malawi. We found and grew a niche in the market for dedicated property services and bespoke construction projects and grew the business from an idea to company employing 40+ people and building projects for high end boutique hotels and lodges. After we made the decision to move to Canada, we decided to let FarOut Property go, but we are proud to say she found new owners and is still flying the FarOut flag strong.