Here’s our 10 ten favourite camping meals – Let us know if you want any of our favourite recipes, we can even pre-stock ingredients into your vehicle for you.

10: Hot dogs

Of course – this quick and easy meal is perfect for that late arrival into camp where you just need some food. Whether you prefer the canned hotdog or grilled over some coals/fire these can be easily spiced up with some preserved condiments. Personally I love mustard, saukraut and a sprinkle of crushed nachos to add some crunch.

9: Chicken Fajitas.

Any quick and easy favourite – perfect because it can be cooked over a fire, stove or charcoals in 1 pot. If you have a fridge, sour cream, guacamole and salsa are all easy extras – even without them fajitas are a create quick and easy meal for a group or couple.

8: Bacon Sandwich

Mmmmm nothing beats the smell of cooking bacon in the morning.

7: Tuna Salad

Tuna is great because it’s easy to carry – doesn’t need refrigeration and pretty versatile. Whether you are mixing it with pasta and some veggies or a leafy green salad it’s a great light lunch.

6: Smores/Roasted marshmallows

I don’t know if smores count as a meal – but they should be on any camping food related list.

5: Baked potato

I personally bake my potatoes before a weekend trip and just warm them in the fire – but you can easily wrap them in foil and cook when you are there. It can be topped with anything from baked beans, tuna to chilli.


A great hearty one pot meal – served with either bread, on  a baked potato (See No. 5) or with rice.

3: Stew/Poiktje

Especially for when the nights get cooler, a thick hearty stew is the best. I prefer steak, red wine, carrots, mushrooms, stock and various goodies cooked in a cast iron pot over the fire – start this at lunchtime and you will have a mouth watering perfection come dinner time.

2: Skottel Breakfast

I dont travel without the skottel add-on to our gas cylinder – see the main picture. We cook our entire full breakfast on there – which usually always prompts the debate – Sam do we need to cook all that food, its just us. Yes, yes we do.

1: The Braai, BBQ,

No matter what part of the world you’re from and what you call it. My all time favourite way of cooking when camping is over an open fire or charcoal and grill meat, kebabs and other assorted goodies. Its a great social time and I always insist that its a group commitment, whether tending the fire, turning the meat or just keeping the others entertained with beer and conversation.